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Express Steel Shot Game 12G 4 Shot32gm 2¾” (25)

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This product carries a discount for bulk orders - please call for details

Express steel shot cartridges are made from a single base fine flake powder which will burn at low pressures required by Steel Shot cartridges. The Plastic Wad is designed specifically for Steel Shot with very thick walls to protect the barrels. The petals of the wad are designed to open approximately three metres from the muzzle allowing the pattern to form and increasing the protection factor to the barrels of the gun.

– Available in 3 shot, 4 shot and 5 shot.
– Suitable for 2 3/4 inch chambers.
– Express steel shot wads are always underfilled to ensure shot has no contact with gun barrel.
– A Valid Shotgun Certificate is required to purchase these cartridges.