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CEUK Trojan 310 Straight Handsaw c/w Scabbar

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Trojan 310 Pro comes with Scabbard Handsaw, Used by professional arborists and landscape gardeners. Cuts 6 – 10 Inch branches, saw locks into a scabbard with a rubber grip handle and hole to connect it to a strop while climbing.
Usage: Recommended cut upto 8” (20cm) diameter.
Features: 310mm (31cm) straight high carbon tool steel blade. Secure saw-to-scabbard locking. Built in scabbard rollers for easy release. Rubber grip ABS resin handle.
Spec: 3.75mm (0.375cm) tooth pitch. 7.5 teeth per 30mm (3cm). Weight 210g. Impulse hardened and hard-chrome plated blade tips.
Length: Overall length 480mm (48cm)