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Ancol Ergo Dog & Cat Pin Brush 23cm

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Ideal for long, wiry, silky, and curly coats
Long and gentle pins penetrate the coat gently, easing tangles and removing loose fur
Round-ended pins ensure your pet’s comfort

To use, gently brush the hair in the direction of the fur growth. The pins are rounded for comfort and will pull loose hairs from the coat and undercoat. To ensure your dog has an enjoyable grooming session, do not push the brush into the dog’s skin. Gently tease out tangles with the brush. Do not pull or tug on matted fur; this may require cutting. Pause or end the grooming session if your dog becomes agitated.
Grooming tips:ips: Grooming is a wonderful way to bond with your dog, but dogs that are new to grooming should be introduced to it slowly. Begin grooming sessions when your dog is relaxed, if possible, after they have exercised. Use tools gently and avoid tugging on thin or on knots or mats. Give your dog plenty of reassurance throughout the grooming session. Pause or end the grooming session if your dog becomes agitated or shows signs of stress. Keep grooming sessions brief to begin with, and increase the length of the sessions as your dog becomes used to grooming.