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Greenman Garden Bow Rake with Ash Handle

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The most popular of the rakes used for raking the soil to a fine tilth as well as removing smaller weeds. Can be used upside down where the flat top edge becomes great at creating a level surface. These tools have a extra long handle which has been shaped, tapered and waisted based on feed back from allotment focus group outreach who explained how their tools had worn over time conforming to their hands. The result is a really well balanced, strong and good looking tool that is great for your back as well as your garden !

Perfect for levelling the soil and creating a fine tilth. The head has its teeth cut from one piece of steel for added strength and is attached with the traditional bow supports.

Like all the tools in the Greenman range these stylish and well-made rakes will provide you with many years of faithful service. Ideal for people with bad backs, they feature stainless steel heads and long, sculpted ash handles (which means less reaching), with a tapered waist and a knobbed end that makes them perfectly balanced and a pleasure to use.