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Woodlets Briquettes – 6 Pack (10kg)

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Clean Air Act compliant
Ultra Low emissions
100% sustainable
100% UK timber
Long burn-time
Easy to use
Simple to store
Six long-burning briquettes can be split by hand for use in smaller stoves

Wood briquettes are taking off in the UK – they’re good for your fireplace or stove, your pocket and the environment.

They burn hotter and cleaner, are cheaper to buy, and much easier to store and handle.

Briquettes deliver around 50% more heat for each pound spent than logs. They are 100% sustainable and are a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuel because trees absorb carbon as they grow.

We take our shredded wood, apply 10,000psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure, and out pop briquettes. They are entirely natural – the lignin molecules in the wood melt under the pressure and bind the wood together. They perform fantastically well in wood-burners. One briquette can last up to four hours, and big users will find they save around £150 a year compared to buying conventional logs.