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Generator 3 Kva

To hire this product, call the Product Support Centre on 01746 784022 or email

First 24 hrs hire £30
Additional 24 hrs hire £15
Full week hire £87.50

Rugged, versatile and affordable power suitable for a wide range of applications, dual voltage output, wrap around frame and angle rubber mounts to minimise vibration.

  • 1 x 16A 240V & 1 x 16A 115V BS4343 sockets
  • Voltage selector switch
  • Reset circuit breaker overload protection
  • Oil alert/low oil shutdown
  • Brushless smooth waveform alternator
  • Applicable for supplying power to varying electrical load for unlimited hours

Local delivery available

To hire this product call the Product Support Centre on 01746 784022, email or complete the form below.

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